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About Cornerstone Christian Academy
In the fall of 2011, Cornerstone Christian Academy opened its doors for the first time. We started with six students and one teacher. That August a journey was begun with hopes to change the hearts, minds and lives of the students that attended CCA forever through an individualized, Biblical, mastery-based education. God has equipped and enabled us to guide children in an education that glorifies Him. This we know is the Cornerstone to our existence. To God be all glory for what He has done here and what we know He will continue to do.  

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How We Are Different:

Within each classroom in a traditional school you will find children who are well below grade level, some who are right on target, and others that are far advanced. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses. CCA fosters the strengths in each child and builds up the areas that need more work by providing an individualized education plan for each student. Just as our children are unique, so should their schooling be. 

As the public education system has advanced in years past we have moved away from including all  grades in a single classroom and traded it in for grade leveled classrooms.  All children who are a certain age will be placed in a certain grade no matter what their academic level.   With a first hand view of this current system, so much is said of developmentally appropriate practices for children.  The classroom model that our public schools now follow is essentially the same idea as trying to force a round peg into a square hole.  At CCA we don't believe that this model is developmentally appropriate for our students. At CCA you will see that our classrooms contain students from many different grade levels.  Each class has older students and younger students working together to achieve attainable goals.  Having mixed age classrooms allows younger students to see how to behave appropriately in an academic setting and teaches the older students to model concepts they have learned  to the younger students when the correct opportunites present themselves.  As we have used this method for a few years we are very pleased with the environment it creates for our students.  

Each student has their own workspace that is free from distractions.  Instead of all students in the open, facing the same direction, our offices are set up so that the only thing that students can see is their own work.  No one is allowed to intrude into an office space during any academic work session except for the teacher.  As students move on to new topics and require teacher specific instruction the teacher is free to teach individually because the other students are working quietly in their offices.

Another visible way that we are different from other schools is that we have NO HOMEWORK! Can this be true? Yes. We indeed have no homework except on rare occaisons.  We believe that students have sufficient time to complete their required work at school. Therefore, we will not issue homework unless there are special circumstances. It is our position that home time should be spent enjoying family and friends, exercising social skills, and doing what children need to do most, playing.